We're a little different. We come from the industry, and we know it well. The Ask Kodiak team has led business-critical projects for agents and carriers, with particular expertise in ways these stakeholders work well together and way they don’t…yet.


Ask Kodiak is in the business of helping agents and carriers collaborate and communicate in the digital world, not 'disrupting insurance' like the new guys or relaying AL3 to 1980's era mailboxes like the legacy vendors you know all too well. You can expect more from us.


This means: Total user control, including the ability to turn on/off or prioritize appetite on-demand. Great UI/UX. Simplified sign-up and sign-on. Full-featured APIs. No pesky sales people. No hidden consulting projects for your budget dollars to suddenly fund. And… all with a clear ROI: Ask Kodiak helps carriers and agents write more of the risks they want to write, faster.


Source: https://askkodiak.com/#/about-us

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