We believe in a better insurance experience
Right now insurance companies are being slowed down by cumbersome, paper-based processes. As
a result, customer experiences have suffered.
At Artificial we believe insurers like you need flexible, modern and cloud-based tools and your
customers deserve to be given delightful user experiences.
How can our products help you?
- Artificial Build
A sophisticated platform for data capture and digital negotiation.
- Artificial Distribute
A seamless and beautiful customer experience for faster and more direct routes to market.
- Artificial Price
Cutting edge risk selection and dynamic pricing technology.
- Artificial Manage
An elegant, integrated tool to help manage and maintain your insurance portfolio.
It has never been easier to embrace the power of your data to simplify the pricing,
distribution and selection of risk.


  • Johnny Bridges


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Insurance Infrastructur


United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Birleşik Krallık

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