? Mobility
Would you like to go on a business trip? You don't always drive your own car, but use rental cars,
car sharing offers or bus trips? Would you like to take a test drive or rent your car to
friends or relatives? Then our products from the "Mobility" category will help you to
protect yourself against accidents, illnesses and deductibles. Our risk takers also insure
your luggage against theft and damage.
? Travel
A trip is private or business? In the “Travel” category, our risk carriers insure your luggage against
theft and damage and you insure yourself against accidents and illnesses. Nothing stands
in the way of medical care abroad.
Are you active and traveling a lot? Then secure your activities with our products from the "Sports
and Events" category. Our risk takers insure you against accidents during water sports,
car racing, cycling or golf or on trips to the stadium. You can also secure your luggage and
equipment against theft and damage.

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