Founded in 2013, Analyze Re provides a software analytics suite designed for the reinsurance and insurance industries. In addition to predictive analytics for strategic planning, Analyze Re technology helps organizations make faster and more accurate pricing and portfolio decisions.

Servicing of all parts of the reinsurance value chain, our platform is built to help reinsurers to improve complex reinsurance portfolios and insurers design reinsurance coverage to optimize coverage.

In today’s competitive market, our view is that those with the best analytic capability coupled with the ability to implement winning strategies will emerge as leaders.

The Analyze Re team has been creating technology solutions for the reinsurance, insurance and capital markets industries since 1999. Using our experience and long history in both of these industries, we created Analyze Re to help turn huge volumes of catastrophe model data into meaningful, business-impacting insights.


  • Adrian Bentley

    Managing Director

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Reinsurance,Insurance Infrastructur



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