insurtech 14/December/2019

Insurtech News > ICE InsureTech joins for Willis Towers Watson's Radar Live Collaboration Program

Willis Towers Watson recently declared that ICE InsurTech has integrated the Global Radar Live Collaboration Program into its systems. With this integration, ICE InsurTech will provide the ability to deploy the Global Radar Live’s specialist point-of-quote insurance rating and rules solution.

Willis Towers Watson is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company. Helps his clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. With roots dating back to1828, Willis Towers Watson has 45,000 employees serving in more than 140 countries and markets. 

The Global Radar Live Collaboration is a programme that was set to develop the company’s ecosystem of policy and claims administration vendors. Also, it’s delivering a quicker integration of Radar Live, the price delivery platform. Insurers and intermediaries need the functionality for rapid speed to plug. And this functionality, include accuracy of rate development and important operational efficiency. However with Willis Towers Watson's Radar Live’s technology delivers these results to insurers, equipping businesses with system scalability. That has the stability to support many countless quotes per annum. 

The Ticker implementation of ICE Policy with Radar Live went extremely well. The ease of integration with ICE Policy was incredibly straight-forward and we look forward to working with ICE InsureTech on future integrations.

Tim Rourke - Director of Insurance Consulting and Technology for Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson said The Radar Live software system allows costs, rules and changes to be developed and deployed on to a scoring system, calculated in real time. With these options, insurance firms are ready to better serve their customers with real-time ratings. Also, the company said that ICE InsurTech customers would get benefit from the integration of the rating software system. Ticker is the first ICE InsurTech client to connect with Radar Live. We are going to see together the results of this integration and also the incentive to be created within the ecosystem.