insurtech 14/December/2019

Insurtech News > Competitive Pricing for Online Life Insurance

Bestow is an online life insurance company that provides dated life insurance plans covering people and their biennial policy stands out as one of the brand's unique offerings. Usually, life insurance policies last for a decade or more. The biennial policies aren't available elsewhere.

These biennial plans are a good fit for people who are in transitional phases, like a student, somebody switching jobs, etc. Bestow is targeting them specifically.  As a result of  Bestow is an online company and they have easy usage for every kind of customer persona. Just a simple sign up process for life insurance. However, Bestow doesn't offer more than $1 million in life insurance coverage. Also, not everyone will qualify for coverage. The company only insures people aged 21 to 55.

If you have got dependents, probably you need life insurance. The good news is that, with the rise of online life insurance companies, it's not as hard as it sounds to get millions of dollars in life insurance to protect your family should you die unexpectedly. Bestow offers you this kind of insurance opportunity with their own insurance plans. Because the company is an online life insurance company whose aim is to help people and protect their people. Technically, it's an insurance agent. It's the link between customers and therefore the insurance carrier like North American Company for Life and Health Insurance. 

So, we shouldn't ignore life insurance. If:

You have a family and you're the earner in this family,
You have any quite dependents,
You have a large debt,
You're young and healthy, additionally, need to lock during a low rate for the long run
You want up to $1 million in coverage

You need to make life insurance. If you're below the 10 and 20-year terms, you can afford it and protect your financial life for the long term.