insurtech 21/February/2019

Insurtech News > Canada launch for insurtech Blink

Founded comparatively recently in 2016, Blink, a subsidiary of CPP Group, provides real-time flight disruption insurance, and has been busy forging partnerships in North America, Europe and Asia. As soon as a customer’s flight is delayed, they receive a notification, and subsequently access to airport lounges, hotel accommodation and cash payments if needed.

“It’s only been four months since Blue Cross launched its Serenity Service in Ontario and Québec in conjunction with Blink,” said Paul Prendergast, CEO of Blink, “but in that short time, the uptake has surpassed all our expectations. Our partners in Canada have been hugely positive about how well-received the service has been, and the figures show that more and more Blue Cross clients are registering with the Serenity Service, with many already having benefited from the service itself. We are now embedded in thousands of Blue Cross policies.”

Customers, said Denis Belliard, Vice-President of Customer Experience for Blue Cross in Ontario and Québec, demand simplicity and speed, and have reported being ‘pleasantly surprised’ by the Serenity Service: “They will continue to demand higher levels of service offering and it is up to us to provide a progressive customer experience that matches advancements in technology.”