What is insurtech ?
Insurtech refers to the use of technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model. Insurtech is a portmanteau of “insurance” and “technology” that was inspired by the term Fintech.
What are the aims of InsurTech ?
More risk-free life
Minimize and Prevent Risk
Innovative Technology
High Efficiency
Operational Savings
Future preparation for the sector
New Products
New Start-Ups
New Investment
What is the Insurtech StartUp Program ?
Insurtech StartUp is a program to support entrepreneurs that are relevant to the insurance sector. We contribute to the acceleration process of startups that have been selected. Our goal is to support and sustain the insurtech focused projects.
Why Should I apply to the Insurtech Startup Program ?
To give your Startup the best chance of success, both locally and globally.
To benefit from the opportunities of a tax advantageous region
Free Office
Training and mentoring
Investor interviews
How do I apply to the Insurtech StartUp program?
Simply click on the "INSURTECH STARTUP APPLICATION FORM" button on the pages and you will be redirected to its relevant application page.
What is the Insurtech HUB
Insurtech Hub is an entrepreneurial platform that brings industry players together to find and bring out innovative insurance products and services that will revolutionize the future of the insurance industry.
What happens during the program?
We focus on accelerating each part of your business.
Extensive support and advice from hand-picked mentors.
One week-long rigorous insurtech training.
Develops program curriculum, calendar, contents and KPIs.
Match with a technology partner or a sponsoring investor.
Support, development and supervision from the technology partner.
Present to potential clients.
Marketing support.
Matched with an investor to boost working capital.
I have more questions!
If you have any other questions use the 'Contact Us' link.